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Sportz Game Board consists of 100 boxes, with 1 Column of boxes to the left consisting of number 0 thru 9 in a random order, and 1Row of Boxes on top consisting of numbers 0 thru 9 in a random order (see screenshot). The game is played by up to 100 players who select box on the Sportz Pool Game Board.

The Game Board Away Team Column numbers and the Home Team numbers are determined by the Card Shuffle prior to the game, so no player knows his Away or Home Team numbers prior to game start.

Example of a card shuffle from the Home Page

The Box(s) a player select will align with the Home Team Column Box Scores

: and align with the Away Team Row Box Scores

How players win the game is based upon the 4 quarter scores of the teams on the game board

Quarter Scores

Games played will have double digit scores on the last number in the score is used in the game and quarter scores ( A 1st Quarter Score of 21 by the Home or Away, 1 is the number used

The game use the last number in score if the score is double digits: Example, if the score was 13, then the 3 is used or if the score was 24 the 4 would be used. Single digit scores 0-9 are used

Example Score of the Hall of Fame Game August 2nd

Note: RodP won 1st and Second Quarters and won $30,000

From the game board above here are the winning boxes

Winning Box = #50 (If you had selected box #50 on a $1,000 Game you would have won $25,000)

You won’t know the winners until the Card Shuffle every game and the Score after each Quarter!

Games that end in a tie in the 4th Quarter, moves the winning final Quarter to the OT final score

Board Game Dollar Amounts

Players will choose a game they want to play (See Game Board Example), and choose between games from 10, 100, 500 and 1000 dollars ($10 Game shown in Game Board Example)


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